Used for TA DSC/TA Q10/100 liquid aluminum crucible,TA Q10 aluminum crucible/ta aluminum crucible/DSC liquid aluminum crucible/aluminum crucible/q10 liquid aluminum crucible

Item No.: JYL-0013
TA Q10 Aluminum crucible (origin: China) ,Material: 99.99%Al ,Used temperature range: -150 ~ 650℃,(Price:55USD/set,Packing:1set/100pcs,include 100pcs Lids),Size:D6.8*H2.7mm.
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Our company is a company engaged in thermal analysis instruments, thermal analysis materials and precision die manufacturing and R & D consisting mainly of professional manufacturers, the company has introduced Taiwan ultra precision grinding machine, wire processing machine, to ensure the high precision of the product quality. In addition, the company has a leading professional technology and core operating team in the precision abrasive machining industry, providing a strong backup protection for product development and production.

Sample tray classification:

In order to ensure the high efficiency of heat exchange between sample and sensor, please use the high quality, suitable temperature range of the sample disk / crucible experiment, so as to achieve the best result.

1 stainless steel sample disk / applicable temperature range for room temperature to 300temperature.

The 2 metal aluminum sample disk / applicable temperature range for room temperature to 550 temperature

3 metal nickel sample disk / applicable temperature range for room temperature to 700 temperature.

4 platinum rhodium alloy sample disk / crucible can be used up to 1800 temperature

5 graphite, tungsten sample disk / crucible can be used up to 2400 temperature

Main features:

Disk and sample 

 aluminum samples cover: suitable for non volatile solid samples, such as polymer and drug, usually used for polymer, thermoplastic material and thermosetting polymer materials melting, crystallization and glass transition of the sample dish; bayonet, but did not seal.

 to avoid sample disc / crucible and sample reaction can use inert sample disk / crucible, such as platinum rhodium alloy sample disk / crucible.

 copper or rhodium sample disk / crucible can act as a catalyst to effect, alsoused in the analysis of most materials TGA.

 high pressure sample tray: the samples in the sample disc / sealed crucible,restrain the emission of volatiles; sealed to prevent evaporation of the solventor volatile reaction products included, so as to eliminate the interference of the heat of vaporization.

The scope of application of sample disk /  high quality crucible can helpexpand DSC, sample disk / use of large volumes of crucible into more samplescan be measured thermal effect is weak, want to get better resolution can bethe use of lightweight, good thermal conductivity of the sample disk / crucible.

Thermal analysis crucible detail page:

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Consumable item price list of Shanghai Ching Yi Chemical Materials Co., heat

Ultra pure aluminium crucible thermal analysis

  • Consumable item analysis table of Shanghai Jhing Yi Chemical Materials Co., 
    Ultra pure aluminium crucible thermal analysis
    Art.No. Model Category Size  Φmm unit 100PC/set
    JYL0010 American TA Q20 Aluminum Φ5.4*2.6mm set
    JYL0011 Aluminum Φ5.4*2mm set
    JYL0012 American TA Q10 Aluminum Φ6.65*1.7mm set
    JYL0013 Aluminum Φ6.8*2.7mm set
    JYL0020 Mettler of Switzerland Aluminum  pingdi  Φ6*1.7mm set
    JYL0021 Aluminum  dingwei Φ6*1.7mm set
    JYL0074 100ul Φ6*4mm set
    JYL0030 Birkin Elmer (PE) Aluminum Φ6.65*1.7mm set
    JYL0031 Aluminum Φ6.2*1.3mm set
    JYL0040 Germany Naichi Aluminum Φ8*2.1mm set
    JYL0041 Seiko Japan Aluminum Φ5*2.5mm set
    JYL0051 Aluminum Φ6.8*1.5mm set
    JYL0060 SHIMADZU Japan Aluminum Φ6*1.7mm set
    JYL0061 Aluminum Φ6*2.5mm set
    JYL0070 Other Aluminum Φ5*4mm set
    JYL0071 Aluminum Φ6.7*4mm set
    JYL0072 Saito Ram Aluminum Φ6.7*3mm set
    JYL0073 Stainless steel Stainless steel Φ7.4*2.4mm set
    Other specifications, drawings or sample custom processing, price and MOQ negotiable.
    Thermal analysis of alumina crucible
    Art.No. Model Category Size  Φmm unit 100PC/set
    JYY0080 American TA  Alumina Φ6.5*4mm set
    JYY0081 Mettler of Switzerland Alumina Φ6*4.5mm set
    JYY0082 SHIMADZU Japan Alumina Φ6*3mm set
    JYY0083 Birkin Elmer (PE) Alumina Φ5*4mm set
    JYY0084 Germany Naichi Alumina Φ6.7*4mm set
    JYY0085 Alumina Φ6.7*7.1mm set
    JYY0086 Alumina Φ8*16mm set
    JYY0087 Alumina Φ8*23mm set
    JYY0088 Seiko Japan Alumina Φ5*4mm set
    JYY0089 hanging basket American TA  Alumina H11.6 set
    JYY0090 hanging basket American TA  Alumina H16.6 set
    Other specifications, drawings or sample custom processing, price and MOQ negotiable.